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The DRD Swim Club is a non-profit, parent run organization. Session Fees are collected quarterly. Fees are also levied for meet concessions, and materials needed to train during the year. Individual families are responsible for all personal fees charged for participation in USA swim meets, and all personal travel costs to and from swim meets.
Training Group Fees
for our coaching staff as well as pool rental fees throughout the year.                                           


USA Swimming Registration Application  
All swimmers (other than Pups) must register with United States Swimming.  This non-refundable registration fee of $70.00 is obtained annually at the fall or winter registration.  USA swimming registration covers team insurance and other costs at both the local and national levels.  A seasonal membership fee is also available for purchase April 1st and expires August 31st of each year.  NOTE:  Swimmers need a yearly membership in order to swim at state meets.

How do you join?: To find out more about our different training levels, click on the "swim groups" link and then "training groups" link at the top. You can also contact one of the coaches for a try-out or get full information from a board member. They will be happy to give you a new member packet. We do registration quarterly. Email the President for information.

How to use this site: Important information is updated regularly. You will need Acrobat Reader for some of the information. (This is available free.) The navigational buttons on the left should help you find what you need. Check out lots of stuff. For example, to find out which swim meets we are scheduled to attend, click on the Calendar button. Have fun.

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